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Be Even More Productive with Mobile Worker App!


We have just release the 2.1 Mobile Worker app version!

What’s new?


Now you will easily know where you are by scrolling the app main screen left or right and seeing what page will come up next. Page indicator is also clickable. Try it and see the smooth experience of application usage!


Now Mobile Worker is also using standard android notification. When you start your project, the notification with detailed information on what project you are working at and how long you are working will be showing on your phone notification list. If you have 4.1 or higher version android, you will also be able to STOP your project via your phone notification list. Hope you enjoy this quick project timesheets access functionality!

Also, we have fixed several bugs which we are thankful to our users for notifying us on the issues they have been facing. Many other details have been improved to make your experience with us even better. Check them for yourself and let us know what you think.

Enjoy the faster, smaller, and friendlier Mobile Worker project management app.


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All Replies

  1. benhuan says:

    why don’t record a video.That will be better.

  2. Mobile Worker says:

    Thank you for the proposal. We are working on starting making short video movies. Will update you shortly!

  3. joie says:

    Your App is amazing.

    Would it be too dificult to add a feature to export timing data to custom google calendar?.

    Thank you in advance.

  4. Mobile Worker says:

    Good to hear that! We do have in our plans to synchronize data with Google Calendar. We will inform you once this feature is implemented.

  5. joie says:

    I hope you your plans for a Google Calendar integration are going fine, I really need that function :)

    Please keep the good work!

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